A victory for money in politics disclosure in NC

The NC Senate voted to concur with the NC House on Senate Bill 403, which included a provision to require electronic filing of campaign reports.  The measure was based on House Bill 919, legislation the North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections coalition and its allies have worked to pass in the General Assembly. The bill now awaits Governor McCrory’s signature. 

As more money floods into state politics, it's important for North Carolina citizens to know who is trying to influence their elections.   Electronic filing brings North Carolina into the 21st century by replacing costly, wasteful and cumbersome paper reports with more efficient, accurate and speedy disclosure.

This is a big win for transparency and the public's right to know about who is spending money on their elections!  We are encouraged by the bipartisan support for making sure the public has timely and accurate information about election spending in North Carolina. 

This is an important first step.  In the coming months we hope state lawmakers will take up other critical reforms, including increasing the frequency and scope of disclosure reporting.

Please thank Common Cause North Carolina, Democracy North Carolina, the North Carolina Center for Voter Education and the North Carolina Coalition for Lobbying and Government Reform for all their hard work on this bill.   

And please thank your legislator if they voted for it, and urge Governor McCrory to sign Senate Bill 403.