Voter-Owned Elections Lobby Day

This past June 22nd NC Voters for Clean Elections and its 30 coalition partners brought people from every part of North Carolina to Raleigh advocate for a freer and fairer way of financing elections.

We support an alternative, public way of financing elections that values voters over dollars and community support over PAC endorsements.

Voter-Owned Elections is a proven way to reduce candidate’s reliance on special interest fundraising, open up the political process to more candidates and voters, and facilitate more accountability between elected officials and the public.

Change Congress Founder and renowned Harvard Law professor Larry Lessig joined us at the General Assembly. Professor Lessig has been a frequent national commentator on the growing power of special interests and the recent Citizens United v. FEC U.S. Supreme Court decision which will allow corporate-funded political expenditures.


Our Legislative Agenda

Specifically, we advocated for Voter-Owned Elections expansion in two areas. The first, SB-966 Expanded Voter-Owned Elections would expand our state’s successful Council of State program to additional offices. The second, HB-120 Public Municipal Campaigns, would allow cities with more than 50,000 residents to create local public financing programs.

Both of these bills were approved by one chamber of the General Assembly in 2009 and are up for consideration again during the 2010 short session. With the public's outrage over the Citizens United decision and recent political scandals growing, these two bills have a serious chance of passing this year. But without your help, these bills would also languish.


Lobby Day is a wonderful way to get involved. If you are interested in Lobby Day 2011, please let us know!