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Friday, August 19, 2016 - 13:28
Chris Cole
NC Senate
17600 Caldwell Station Rd, Apt. B2, Huntersville, NC 28078-5089

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But I think the reason is because there are rewards for the office that make the expenditures worthwhile to the donors. If legislators have no advantage to sell, then the money will dry up. That's why Libertarians don't get corporate donations. We don't yet have any influence to peddle.
Candidates aren't elected by money, but by votes. It is immoral to force people to support candidates that they oppose. Besides which, the state would discriminate against alternative parties or unaffiliated candidates. The Democrats and Republicans in the legislature would direct the assistance to the candidates only of those two parties, increasing their monopoly on power.
Removing restrictions against alternative parties would end the single-candidate races which are so common in our current, supposedly-democratic system. too many incumbents are unopposed. Why should people get out to vote in what is, in effect, a one-party system?
There are always criteria that serve one interest or another. To exclude one is a cosmetic change.
Candidates are elected ONLY be voters, not by "special interests." if we make that decision on poor criteria, well that comes with self-responsibility. Furthermore, it would be a gross oppression of free speech if supporters were forced to exercise their speech restricted by social repercussions.
Candidates are elected ONLY by votes, not by money. Contributions are a form of free speech. That court decision was correct.
There were no questions here regarding the Democratic-Republican collusion in the exclusion of competing alternative parties. Only the Libertarian Party has ever achieved ballot status more than once. The Greens and the Constitution Party, the other largest alternative parties in the rest of the country, have never succeeded in achieving the ballot in NC. More competition would increase both participation and political integrity.