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Friday, August 19, 2016 - 13:30
Rich Nixon
NC House of Representatives
Rich Nixon for NC House, 586 Winding Wood Drive, Clayton, NC 27520

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Of all the variables in a campaign, time is the one fixed asset. Every minute spent fundraising is time not spent talking to voters or, for an incumbent, doing the people's work. Yet, without the sufficient funding, a candidate has a difficult time meeting campaign costs.
An individual's voice should not be a product of wealth. We should support initiatives which equalize one's ability to influence campaigns and elections.
We should be doing all that we can to encourage participation in the democratic process. Instead our current leadership supports measures to erect obstacles to voting. This MUST change.
With the technology and information available to us today, we can easily draw compact, equal districts without any regard to partisanship. It's time to bring an end to gerrymandering.
Voters have a right to know the source of support for candidates and for positions on ballot initiatives. We should not allow our elections to be influenced by anonymous donors who may have hidden motives.
Because of the power of money in today's elections, the Citizens United decision has effectively silenced the one person, one vote principle of our democracy.
We must take steps to turn around the trend of our government becoming of, for and by the wealthy by finding ways to rein in the influence of money in campaigns and elections.