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Friday, August 19, 2016 - 13:45
Nic Haag
NC State Senate
5781 McClintock Dr

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Politics is mostly about money in general. No sane person I know would give $5,100 out of the goodness of their heart without anticipating something in return.
I would prefer a system were each Registered party got 'X' dollars from the state and no additional monies from any source could be used for partisan electioneering. This would force each party to compete on ideas and merit, not for big money donors and TV air time.
Only bad people and bad politicians have to trick people into voting for them.
Absolutely. I respect the NC Constitution, and our current senate districts violate it. It makes me wonder if the NC General Assembly have even read the document they swore to uphold.
I respect people's right to spend their money on whatever they want, but I do have problem with NC legislators accepting money from Florida, South Carolina, Washington D.C., etc. Its obvious that money is not from concerned NC citizens, its from lobbyists looking to steal from the NC taxpayers.
If I cannot spend my money how I chose or when I chose, then I am no longer living in a free country.
I would like term limits imposed on North Carolina legislators, as our current system leads to certain legislators being more powerful than others simply due to seniority. This often a result of a gerrymandered district in which their is no real opposition. I can recall countless pieces of popular bipartisan legislation, killed by a single powerful legislator.