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Saturday, August 20, 2016 - 09:05
Cynthia Ball
NC House
PO Box 10446, Raleigh, NC 27605

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Candidates should be spending more time meeting and talking with voters and studying the issues so they can be more responsive to constituents and better informed legislators.
All of these options would be helpful in bringing more small donors into the important process of electing those who are making policy decisions. Too many people are frustrated by the huge influence of big money in politics, and believe that their voices and their votes don't matter -- so they disengage.
We should make voting more accessible to ALL people, rather that creating policies that discourage participation and make it harder to "qualify" to vote and actually vote before and on Election Day.
We need to create a process where voters select their representatives rather than ones where representatives select their voters. Gerrymandered districts create "safe" districts where representatives with differing viewpoints have less incentive to work together to solve problems, further increasing polarization. And this extreme partisanship increases the disenchantment and disengagement of a great number of voters, and is therefore bad for democracy.
We need policies that ensure more transparency throughout the entire political process, from supporting campaigns and candidates through the actual making of legislation.
The decision made 6 years ago has dramatically reshaped the election process in the US, already too controlled by big money from the very wealthy. The result has been a deluge of cash poured into so-called super PACs – particularly single-candidate PACs -- which are only nominally independent from the candidates they support. And the legal protections for corporations mean much of this "dark money" never has to be publicly disclosed. The effect has been to create almost insurmountable barriers into the political process for average citizens.
Our citizens should own the political process, so we need a government that is accessible and accountable to them. We should increase citizens’ access to their government (in supporting candidates, voting, viewing public records, interacting with representatives, and holding elected office), and we must ensure the accountability of our public officials to them -- a government that is "of the people, by the people and for the people.”