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Sunday, August 21, 2016 - 14:07
Terry Van Duyn
NC Senate
1070-1 Tunnel Road, Suite 10-104, Asheville, NC 288805
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Absolutely, but even more importantly, it has caused people to feel mistrustful of their elected officials, contributes to the sense the system is rigged, and discourages them from participating in the process.
I've not seen those kinds of proposals but I am more concerned about the impact of large, dark money contributions
I am pleased that the courts have pushed back on North Carolina's monstrous voter ID bill and are restoring Early Voting hours, One-stop voting. We need to protect these tools and improve on them.
This is NOT our grandfathers redistricting. Computers, big data, and sophisticated models have made partisan redistricting too powerful. By packing members of one party into a limited number of districts, the party that draws the districts can neutralize competition and limit debate. In the upcoming election, nearly 50 % of state legislators will run unopposed. That is clearly not democratic.
The public has a right to know who is standing behind the candidates for office.
Yes. The amount of money pouring into predominantly negative "free" speech, has all but ruined political discourse, helped polarize the process, and is making voters cynical and disgusted with politics.
We need to go back to non-partisan, publicly funded judicial elections. Putting NC Supreme Court candidates in the position where they have to solicit campaign contributions cannot help but produce biased courtrooms.