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Tuesday, August 23, 2016 - 19:06
Lloyd Scher
NC Senate
9815 Meringue Place

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I believe it is a sin to spend thousands of dollars for an election that only pays about $1,300. I think it is a waste of dollars and that is why we will win with the lease amount of dollars.

I like the old fashion way of politics shaking hands with the voter.
Big Money is not a speech except it where it goes to the elected officials pockets. The truth why the money is given is to help provide access to the elected officials.
The most important right every America has is the right to vote. The Constitution grants all voting age citizens the right to the ballet box.

Access to voting should be the easiest and most thing government should provide to the citizens.

What the Republican General Assembly did was make it more difficult for Seniors and Physically Challenged and African Americans to vote in NC. Requiring birth certificates that are wrong prevent people from getting IDs. It is sad that millions of dollars were wasted trying to defend what the judges called the pure discrimination.

It always amazed me why someone would not someone to vote.
I have believed in the nonpartisan districts for years. The best part of nonpartisan districts it allows the citizens a choice in an election.
Money needs to come out of elections period. If you try and say only small amounts of money can be given then more individuals can donate and corportations and Lobbyists will be limited to the same amount as the general public contributions.
Yes I always respect the Supreme Court decisions even when I disagree with the decisions.

But the Citizens Uniited Decision was the worse thing I ever heard Money does not talk nor does it speak.
I would be willing to see if we can increase the tax deduction on state taxes and using this money to pay for political campaigns everything except the Governor race, Senate race, and US House races.