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Submitted by melissa
Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - 11:54
Connie Green-Johnson
NC House
338 S.Sharon Amity Rd., suite 251

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As a candidate, I feel we ought to be out meeting voters and asking what their needs are. Sharing your vision with the voters, so they can make an informed decision about your candidacy.
I feel whenever there is money involved with our political landscape, it can be compromised. The process would have to have an oversight component.
Yes, because there have been too many people that have sacrificed their life for the 'RIGHT 2 VOTE'. I am part of the special groups that have been fighting to earn the 'RIGHT 2 VOTE'.
That's the only way to achieve an equitable process for all the citizens of NC. A poll reported that more than 60% of NC Citizens approved a nonpartisan group to draw the maps.
It would expose the special interest groups that fund our elected officials.
The movement to amend the Constitution to abolish corporate constitutional rights and abolish the doctrine of treating the spending of money as a form of protected speech is about a lot more than just elections, Super PACs and the fallout from Citizens United. It’s also about more than just corporate power and a government of, by and for a wealthy elite.