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Friday, September 2, 2016 - 07:31
Daniel Travieso
State Senate
PO Box 87492, Fayetteville, NC 28304

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Campaigning has become more of a marketing event than an activity that is focused on discussing the real issues. The more time that is focused raising funds means that there is less time talking with folks about issues that are the most important to the community.
Tax credits and vouchers imply that tax dollars would end up in the pockets of political campaigns. Increasing donations from small donors will not result in wealthy donors and special interests donating less to a candidate. It would simply result in the political campaigns having more money.
All US citizens that are registered to vote should have an opportunity to do so as directed by the US Constitution. Due to the extreme importance of elections, voters should take personal responsibility to follow the laws of the land to ensure that elections are fair.
We are all Americans, therefore the only thing that should be taken into account when drawing districts is the population of citizens, not demographics, race, or political party affiliation.
All US citizens (black, white, business owners, those in poverty, etc.)have a right to support the political candidate that best represents their values and beliefs.