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Sunday, September 4, 2016 - 20:06
Jane Campbell
Registered Democrat - Unaffiliated Candidate on Ballot
N.C. House
P.O. Box 706, Davidson, NC 28036

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I also believe that the length of the campaign season contributes to the increased costs. There is no need for the campaign season to be almost 12 months long for a 2-year term in our state legislature. I believe that the cost, and the extended campaigning time commitment disenfranchises potential candidates.
I believe that far too many voters do not believe that small donors matter in our current election process.
I spent more than 25 years in uniform, supporting & defending the U.S. Constitution. We need to be increasing voter turnout in 2016, not restricting it.
It is time for nonpartisan redistricting in North Carolina!
I believe in greater transparency across our election process.
I remain optimistic that Citizens United can be overturned/reversed.
As noted above, I believe that we reduce the amount of campaigning. That can begin by working with the Board of Elections to set up more realistic filing deadlines -- based on the time needed to conduct elections (primaries and general). At a minimum the filing deadline should not come before the spring session of the legislature. I believe a number of legislators felt "empowered" in believing they had no opposition in November's election.