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Thursday, September 8, 2016 - 10:12
Marilynn Baker
NC State House
209 Rockford Rd

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Candidates need to spend time talking to constituents and reviewing research on issues important to their constituents, rather than focusing on a few wealthy donors.
Unfortunately, this could become a bookkeeping nightmare. Perhaps a more workable solution would be to put a checkbox on our tax returns and allow a deduction for the amount donated, up to a predetermined limit (e.g. X$ or Y%). Then the state could allocate the monies to each party based on the number of people who registered for a particular party over the previous two years, rather than the # of people registered, which includes inactive voters.
There is little evidence that voter fraud is prevalent in NC or anywhere in the U.S. As the courts have recently determined, NC's voter ID law was unnecessary, and was deemed intentionally discriminatory. As a result, it was struck down.

We need to make it easier for college students to vote. We need polling locations on or very near college campuses because many students who live on campus do not have their own transportation.
Gerrymandering is wrong, whether instigated by Democrats or Republicans.
We need more transparency in our elections.
Corporations and organizations with large financial resources can exert significant influence on elections. I am very concerned about the increasing influence that mega-corporations are having on our elections.
We need to ensure that graduating high school seniors are given the opportunity to register. We also need to reach out to college students living on campus and inform them about changing their registration to their school address OR how to obtain an absentee ballot for their "home" precinct. We should also consider making Election Day a holiday for NC public schools, including community colleges and universities.