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Thursday, September 22, 2016 - 17:42
Jonathan Hudson
State Senate
13844 Cypress Woods drive, Huntersville, NC 28078

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There is a severe lack of substance due to the volume of communications with supporters and potential donors about money and this seriously shifts the focus from legislation.
Yes and we ultimately need publicly funded elections and equal air time for candidates.
More days and more ways. We need a national voting holiday, automatic registration, lowering the voting age to 16 (if you can drive and work, you should be represented), motor voter registration, pre-registration in high school, possible even a voting refund. We could make public transit free on voting days, and increase the amount of polling places.
Clearly the districts are gerrymandered, mine looks like a giant backwards "C" that obviously was drawn to create a safe republican district, and this is devastating because no one was even willing to run except for myself, and I won the primary by default. Now my opponent refuses to debate me because he only has something to lose. Therefore, there are wide implications for democracy, are noncompetitive and uncontested races are very bad for discourse and policy making.
Yes, and we should tighten the restrictions on donors. For example, my opponent takes money from individuals who are CEOs and corporate PACs and then votes for legislation that favors those businesses instead of supporting the environment or the public good. It is de facto corruption, plain and simple. The very least we can do is full disclosure of who is giving.
Corporations are not persons, their function is to shield people from liability. Money is not speech, it is much more powerful than speech in some ways, and often works to stifle voices who are not able to compete with the wealthy. We are living in times where the 1% and corporations have crushed the popular will by flooding the media with propaganda about why wealth should not be shared and why the public sector should be privatized, and this has resulted in widespread environmental destruction and poverty. All candidates should be publicly funded and given equal media access such as radio and television space and a free standard website.
We need to look at internet voting, so that registered voters can weigh in on what they want their representative to do before they vote and after. Debates should be much more frequent and in depth, and candidate websites should have information about policy positions and legislation instead of generalized statements and superficial content. Some countries have mandatory voting and rates over 95%, why not emulate a system with high turnout? We need proportional representation, ranked choices, instant run-off, or something much more fair to replace the winner takes all system. Finally, we should eliminate the antiquated electoral college and delegate system and let third party candidates debate.