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Tuesday, September 27, 2016 - 17:27
Floyd B. McKissick Jr
North Carolina Senate
Senate District 20
PO BOX 51608, Durham, NC 27717

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It really depends on the office a person is seeking and the political structure of a community whether is necessary to spend significant time and energy fundraising in order to run an effective campaign. There are many districts and communities where a candidate can run for office and win with out having to spend an excessive amount of time fundraising. There are however other communities where a candidate could spend more than 50% of their time raising funds to run an effective campaign for office. For example in Durham groups such as The People's Alliance and the Durham Committee interview candidates for office and they ultimately make critical endorsements which decrease the amount of time a candidate would need to spend fundraising in order to be successful.
I am certainly open to these ideas as well as others in considering options for campaign finance reforms.
I fully support any and all measures that will increase voter participation and turnout.
I support in concept the idea of allowing a nonpartisan commission to conduct the redistricting process in North Carolina; however as the old expression goes: the devil is in the details.
I not only support the idea, I provided testimony before a US Senate Committee at the request of Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont in support of such a constitutional amendment. I testified specifically about the impact Citizens United had in allowing the Koch brothers and other dark money donors to influence campaigns of those seeking office in North Carolina