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Friday, September 30, 2016 - 08:57
Jennifer Ferrell
NC House of Representatives
PO Box 1551, Apex, NC 27502

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It is incredibly alarming and sad how much time is expected to raise the money for a campaign. I would rather use that time connecting with voters in my district, and have all year, but even more so if I didn't have to devote so much time to asking for the funds to run a successful grassroots campaign. It is well past time for real campaign finance reform and at the heart of it all is the U.S. Supreme court's ruling in favor of Citizens United. Giving corporations the same "voice" as people to buy reps and elections and it has to stop, and so many of us would like it to be overturned in our lifetime!
I absolutely support incentives to give the fundraising power back to the public/people and not large donors or PACS/corporations who can give unlimited amounts without the transparency.
When I first started waking up to the state and local policy mess this state was dabbling in back in 2013, one of the first public forums I went to was the public hearing on Voter ID/VIVA at the NCGA. I was number 46 to speak against it and it took several hours to have my turn for a few minutes, but it's something I'll never forget as a majority of us spoke out strongly against all of the regressive voting measures added to the Voter ID bill.
One of the priorities I'd like to see our NCGA once and for all take on next year would be for NCGA House and Senate members come togther to amend our state constitution to allow for a true independent redistricting commission. Taking the "power" of drawing legislative maps out of the hands of politicians/elected legislators and making it a non-partisan process. It is also past time voters had the fair and just freedom to elect their representatives and not the other way around with Reps who are in well known gerrymandered districts choosing their voters.
Absolutely, we need as much transparency as possible and if there were legislation I could sponsor or co-sponsor if elected to serve I would take the opportunity to be a strong advocate for this. Money is not speech and we must reign this in to ensure fair elections in NC.
When I first learned about the good work of NCVCE it was through how disastrous Citizens United has been for campaign finance and negatively affecting our state with a windfall of cash going to legislators campaigns. I had citizen lobbied our Apex Town Council and tried to collect signatures in order for them to consider a local ordinance and instruct our NCGA to consider it's reversal with a vote there too. But then we started to see the onslaught of regressive legislation sweep our state at the same time and I became directly involved with trying to stop that--from cuts to public ed, tax reform for those at the top and treading on women's personal health choices. The summer of 2013 was life changing and in order to fix much of what's wrong with the legislative process in this state. They aren't currently elected by ALL, so certain Reps have ignored the voices that did not elect them in the first place and it's a problem we have to fix.
I've laid out much of what I feel we need to do to move democracy forward in our state and country above and do appreciate the opportunity to complete this candidate survey!